Heading back to Planet Cake!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

At the beginning of the year I headed down to Planet Cake in Sydney to complete their first cupcake boot-camp. I gained so much knowledge and experience and had a fantastic time doing so.

I remember talking to the teachers at lunch about my big cake "phobia" they thought I was crazy. Fast forward a few months and I started taking more of an interest in big cake decorating, I still loved my cuppies but something was drawing me in .

Then I had people asking if I would make cakes for them and I started dabbling with family cakes and what would you know but I loved it! You might think it's all the same and I guess to an extent it is but as with cupcakes there are lot's of tips and tricks to learn and develop.

So lucky ducky little ol me is heading back down to Planet Cake! I have not been able to wipe the grin off my face. I will be there for 5 whole days, working in the same kitchen as the amazing PC decorators. I am doing the beginners intensive course where I will make a round and a square cake and a 2 tiered square cake. I am so freaking excited!

I will be back before I leave to show you all a christening cakes I am doing this weekend then I'm off! So sad I'm gonna miss my boys but it will all be worth it. Oh and I have scouted out a new cupcake shop in Sydney so I will have to write another cupcake review.

Happy Baking,

Kate xo