Baby shower or should that be baby bath?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another cake I was lucky enough to have complete creative control over. I happened to stumble across this design whilst looking through Flikr (Andrea's SweetCakes) and I was desperate to have a go at it.

I was lucky that Alex who was organising the shower trusted me and let me try whatever I liked. Another cake I am simply in love with and so proud of!

One of my favourite details is the little bar of soap and towel!

Kermit hiding in the puddle!

Baby boy playing with his rubber ducky in the tub.


Ayden's Christening

I have to say I simple adore this cake.

When Ayden's mum first sent me the lion she wanted me to replicate I will admit I was a little apprehensive, I really didn't think I could do it. But on the other hand I was super excited to push myself and have a go. Lucky for me it paid off!

I know I say this a lot but I really did have heaps of fun working on this cake, I was dancing around like a fruit loop and let out a couple of squeals of delight as I was working :P

Suffice to say I was super proud of this cake and even happier that Mum Rebecca and Ayden's guests loved the cake too!

Top view so you can see the letters.

Some spots to add colour.

Some stars to add colour and height.

And of course the adorable little lion. He is edible but seriously look at those eyes how could you even think about eating him!

P.S I have to say I have had quite a few cupcake orders I have forgotten to take photos of, so annoying! Or they are repeat orders namely Ben 10 or Coco Chanel designs so I haven't bothered reposting.

Angela and Michael's Wedding

Angela had approached me many months ago about creating her wedding cupcakes. This was one order I was stressing about for a couple of reasons.

1. The wedding was in December and I live in FNQ where that time of year brings very high humidity. humidity + fondant = icky sticky mess! argh

2. The couple desperately wanted white chocolate for the cutting cake. As white chocolate is less stable then dark it can be quite hard to work with in the heat of summer.

3. Angela and I went to school together 10 years ago and I always stress just that little bit more when working on an order for someone I know. Don't get me wrong I want all my orders to be perfect but when it's for a friend I turn into cakezilla!

As it turned out is was a extreamly rainy day, delivery in the rain is such a nightmare and the last few orders I had had been delivered in the rain. But this set up I had to do on my own as it was a Friday afternoon, normally Mr Cupkates comes along to help!

The venue where terrific in helping me which is a lovely change! And Everything arrived in once piece and was perfect!
It was so hard to get some nice shots as the venue was having lighting issues.

The cupcakes where chocolate with a raspberry filling topped with vanilla Italian meringue buttercream.
And of course the white chocolate cutting cake!

I stood back after set up and was pretty darn happy, and I was so glad to hear the Bride and Groom along with the guests loved it too!

Merry Christmas!

Next up was a corporate christmas order. I had total creative control with these and it was so much fun working out some new and different christmas designs and being able to just "play".

I choose cupcakes to be chocolate as it is by far my most loved flavour half with vanilla Buttercream and half with mint.

My favourite design is definitely the pudding!

But I also quite like the bauble.

And the present, I mean everything looks cuter in miniature.

They were all boxed up to hand out as gifts and looked fantastic!


I am so behind in my blogging as usual and I am confusing myself by doing one big post so I am going to split them all up!

First up is a wedding I did in November, based on the design of my very first wedding order back in August 2009.

Cupcake flavours where Chocolate lover, Va va voom Vanilla and Dessert first? (Sticky Date).

Cutting cake was chocolate mud

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How come I begin every post with an apology?
Probably because I am a bad blogger!

Now I have facebook and my website I was going to stop blogging but I have had so many people recently tell me how they enjoy reading the little snippets about each cake so I will continue to blog, and will try and add more tips and even some recipes (maybe not cupcakes though, gotta have some secrets!).

Ok so the first photo is a boob cake I made for The Red Beret to help fundraise, there was also cupcakes for sale. This past weekend I also made cuppie to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research. In total the Red Beret has raised $7000 this year for the Caner Council, fantastic work everyone!

Next was an order for Justine, some cupcakes for her mum and dad's birthday. Her Dad loves fishing and crabbing so thats what I went with.


I loved making the little crabs!

You may recognise this next cake, it is a very popular Planet Cake design and I recently learnt how to do it at PC. I thought it would be perfect for Donna as she had no real idea what she wanted except it had to be pink and gold.

Now onto Larissa who knew exactly what she wanted for her boyfriend Jason's 21st birthday. He was Welsh, liked Union, ten-pin bowling and the colour green! Easy!

The next few shots where taken by Larissa herself, a very talented young photographer!

There have been a few other little jobs I have been up to but for some reason I can't get the photos to load so thats all for now. I'm off to make some toppers for my hubby and Dad's birthdays this weekend, promise I will show photos!

Happy Caking,


Busy busy bee!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Howdy everyone, how are we all?

Me? Well I have been super busy caking!

Saturday I had 80 chocolate salted caramel mini's for my neighbour Jess's 30th birthday.

Then on Sunday Kari and Michaels wedding. I LOVED creating this, especially the cutting cake. I loved Kari's idea of the vine running around the cake and once I finished it I was really happy with the look.

Not to mention the awesome cupcake flavours Kari picked, Jaffa, Mocha and What's up doc? (Carrot) I got a lovely text on Monday letting me know the cake was a hit! Love that!

And lastly on Monday I had a lovely order for a little brother from his big sister. Gretl has moved away and wanted to surprise Cahn at school with some special cuppies, what an awesome sister!

So that's what I was up to this weekend, oh and I baked a yummy raspberry tart it was delish!

And I also wanted to let you all know I know have my website up and running, all the important information is on there.

Happy Caking,

Kate xo

Lara's Christening

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Paula contacted me about making a christening cake for little Lara. Once I told her I was available for that date she sent me through a photo of the design she wanted, I laughed so hard when I opened the attachment.

It was a design of one of my bestest cake mates Amanda from Cake Delish! I quickly sent her a email asking for permission to copy her design and the love happily granted it!

When I started work on this cake I was a little apprehensive, Amanda is so talented and I wanted to do her design justice. Once I got into the groove I had heaps of fun decorating this one I changed a few little things but overall it's Amanda's design.

I am extremely proud of this cake, I absolutely adore it and was a little sad to deliver it to the client. This "big" cake business is hard work but so rewarding.

Oh and it's raining cats and dogs here at the moment and the humidity is horrendous which equals a decorators nightmare. Once your beautiful cake comes out of the air-conditioning it becomes sticky and tacky but unfortunately there is nothing that cake be done about it, it's all part of living in the tropics!

Happy Caking,

Jane and Stephen's Wedding

Jane and Stephen contacted me a few weeks ago about making their wedding cake. After discussions we came up with a design, involving skulls!

Jane wanted to incorporate Stephen's interest in skulls so we went with it! Jane also had purple gerberas.

The cutting cake was chocolate mud and the cupcakes where chocolate lover and choc coconut.

I hope the couple had a lovely day, unfortunately it was very wet here but I'm sure that didn't bother them! It does make a decorators delivery job very difficult but thats another story! :o)

Happy weddings and happy caking,

Old Tom

Bernie contacted me to make some cupcakes for her son Tom's 17th birthday.

Tom's nick name is "old Tom" do you remember the series? So thats the theme we went with.

Old Tom is an edible image. I will soon have my own edible image system so any photo or cupcake you like can be put on a cupcake.

Chocolate Salted Caramel flavour

Happy Caking,