Angela and Michael's Wedding

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Angela had approached me many months ago about creating her wedding cupcakes. This was one order I was stressing about for a couple of reasons.

1. The wedding was in December and I live in FNQ where that time of year brings very high humidity. humidity + fondant = icky sticky mess! argh

2. The couple desperately wanted white chocolate for the cutting cake. As white chocolate is less stable then dark it can be quite hard to work with in the heat of summer.

3. Angela and I went to school together 10 years ago and I always stress just that little bit more when working on an order for someone I know. Don't get me wrong I want all my orders to be perfect but when it's for a friend I turn into cakezilla!

As it turned out is was a extreamly rainy day, delivery in the rain is such a nightmare and the last few orders I had had been delivered in the rain. But this set up I had to do on my own as it was a Friday afternoon, normally Mr Cupkates comes along to help!

The venue where terrific in helping me which is a lovely change! And Everything arrived in once piece and was perfect!
It was so hard to get some nice shots as the venue was having lighting issues.

The cupcakes where chocolate with a raspberry filling topped with vanilla Italian meringue buttercream.
And of course the white chocolate cutting cake!

I stood back after set up and was pretty darn happy, and I was so glad to hear the Bride and Groom along with the guests loved it too!