Happy Birthday to Moi!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well it really is the season for Birthdays, after all September is 9 months from Christmas! So anyway on Monday I turned 26...I think, isn't it terrible when you can't remember how old you are. It's not like when you’re a kid and you know exactly how many days, weeks, months till your next birthday.

Was I excited about presents? well yes everybody loves presents and I got some lovely beads for my Pandora bracelet and a gift voucher for a facial. Oh and a handbag butler, I had wanted one of these after seeing them on Not Quite Nigella's Blog! Was excited about going out for dinner and having my favourite, RIBS!? Well yes of course BUT I was super dooper excited about making my Birthday cupcakes!

Sad I know but it's true! I had bought some stunning cupcake papers that where a purple/pink with gold and the colour inspired me to make some raspberry cupcakes. I love raspberry, the real raspberry taste not the fake one. So I got some frozen raspberries (we never get fresh up here in North QLD and if we do it's $15 a punnet) defrosted them in the microwave and pushed them through a sieve to make a lovely red puree. I made vanilla bean cupcakes using a wonderful recipe I had found on Sweet Treats Blog and swirled a teaspoon of the puree in before cooking.

You can see a little bit of the raspberry swirl on the side of this cupcake, also if you look closely you can see glitter (edible of course!).

I had heaps of Italian Buttercream leftover from the wedding in the freezer so I defrosted it and re-whipped it in Kitty (my KitchenAid) while pouring in the rest of the puree. It went a beautiful shade of pink and tasted divine. It wasn't overly sweet and had a lovely tang to it.

And because I’m extra mad, after looking after 4 kids all day I decided I needed to make sugar flowers too! I had got some beautiful gold lustre dust and glitter I wanted to try out and it looked fantastic.

So anyway enjoy! And I will be adding some of my favourite recipes as soon as I can.