It's still September...and so another birthday!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday 27th was my cousin Liam's 17th birthday, I still can't get over that he is 17! Making cupcakes for boys can be hard, butterflies and flowers don't cut it. I had ordered some black fondant and gold luster dust for Riley's pirate skulls but it did not arrive on time. What on earth will I do with all that black? I had black cupcake papers left over from the AFL cupcakes so I decided on chocolate cake with chocolate Italian buttercream (STILL left over from the wedding!, I really need to work on my quantities) in black papers with a black and gold star on top. Very masculine I thought, perfect for a manly 17 year old! :o)

Check out my fancy photography skills *jokes* I am trying to improve my skills, do you like my attempt at a background?

In other news I have just finished cutting out all the flags for the NRL final cuppies! Now to glue them all together! and I also have a request for 21st birthday cupcakes this Friday, my brief was they had to be green...stay tuned :o)