Happy Birthday Blayke!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Yesterday was my nephew Blaykes 8th Birthday. I remember the day he was born, going up to the hospital and meeting him for the first time...and now he is 8! And being 8 he is interested in all sorts of things I have no idea about, things like DragonballZ.

So I did my research...I googled "DragonballZ", hmmm what on earth can I do! Then I notice the actual balls where yellow with red stars, easy! I also wanted to make them a little more personalised so made some "B" for Blayke....although Blayke thought it was B for ball.

We had a great time celebrating and enjoying yummy cupcakes. I even had a mother from another party come up to me and ask where I got the cupcakes from I was very chuffed and replied "I made them!" If only I had a business card to pass on :o)

Oh and they where chocolate with vanilla American buttercream, as requested!

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, stay tuned for more cupckates tomorrow! :o)

(Sorry about the photo's we where in such a rush this morning I forgot to take some before we left home)

Happy caking,


Mel said...

Awesome Kate! I'm so going to have to get some recipes from you! Liam loves my cupcakes, and they're so easy to make and store (as opposed to big cakes) - I'm keen to try out some new flavours (other than plain vanilla).