Pink Cupcakes for a Cure

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Here are some samples of the yummy cuppies that have been delivered to the Red Beret for "Cupcakes for a cure"

There will be Cupkates available until Sunday so get your butt down then and help support the Cancer Council.

Saturdays flavours are Spiced Carrot cake with cinnamon buttercream and Coconut cake with Raspberry buttercream.

Happy Friday and Happy Caking,


Emma said...

Gorgeous as always Kate :) I've never tried carrot cake with buttercream instead of cream cheese, is it just as nice?

***Amy*** said...


Kate21 said...

Awww thanks lovelies!

Emma nothing is as nice as cream cheese :o)With the cream cheese needing to be in the fridge it can cause a few issues so the cinnamon buttercream is a pretty good 2nd option. I do an italian meringue bc that is lovely and smooth and rich.

Emma said...

I will definately try it next time I make carrot cuppies. I do love IMBC, so much more than the traditional buttercream BUT not many of my tasters did. Apparently it wasn't heavy/thick/sweet enough. Can't please everyone I guess :)

Kate21 said...

I love IMBC too, but my hubby hates it! After having so many people taste my cuppies over the past few days I was very surprised at how many people like the American BC. I think there is a time and a place (and cuppie) for each! :o)