Tuesday Tip's with CupKate

Monday, June 14, 2010

So I was thinking last night, I don't have any planned cupcakes for 2 weeks and I can't leave my blog for that long!

I have finally started taking more care of my little blog and updating that I need to keep it going. So I figured I might start a weekly post with some baking tips.

I get a lot of people asking me for baking help so why not?

So let's start at the very beginning,

1. Read through the entire recipe including method before beginning. In my early days I was caught out more then once when I got to the part in the recipe that said, leave to set overnight...hmm so we won't be eating this for afternoon tea then! :o)

In addition to that

2. Get out all your ingredients and measure/weigh before beginning. That way you won't get caught out in the middle of baking when you realise you have no flour or not enough sugar.

And remember to have fun..and it's ok to make mistakes that's how you learn!

Happy caking,


Amy said...

Awesome idea Kate!

My hubby is a classic at skimming recipes and starting to cook dinner at 6pm and discovering something needs 8hrs marinating etc..


April said...


If you are looking for an idea for next tuesday, I would love to know what recipes you use for cakes/icing. And maybe how you make some of your awesome toppers, if that isn't giving away all your trade secrets.


Kate21 said...

Thanks girls!

Hmmm April I will have to see...somethings I am happy to share but somethings must remain secret ;o)